in Reading challenge, March 2021

20 minutes

I read a story about a boy who wanted to play ping pong, but his friend was too busy to play with him.

10 minutes

I read a passage about Chinese holidays.

8 minutes

I read a story called "Two Rainbows", it was about 熊奶奶 who got sick and could only be cured by seeing a rainbow, but then in then end she saw two rainbows when Uncle 青蛙 gave her a rainbow made of flowers and one appeared in the sky.

10 minutes

I read a story about a man who went to the market to buy shoes. He measured his feet first, but when he got to the market he realized he had forgotten the measurements, so he went back home, but when he came back the market was closed, so he ended up not buying any shoes.

15 minutes

I read "Little Yellow Fish Tells a Story". In the beginning, there is a disagreement between the yellow fish family and the red fish family, and no one is talking to each other.

40 minutes

I read 40 minutes of "Little Yellow Fish Tells a Story".

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:86.0%
Hours reported1.72