in Vocabulary challenge, June 2021

12 minutes

Skritter reviews 60% this time with no reliance on mnemonics. Pretty discouraging to go from my 90% average to that low.

Keep at it and you’ll see that retention soar. 加油!

15 minutes

Skritter reviews. I need to start trying to increase my writing speeds. I rely too much on my mmenonics as a crutch, which is fine learning characters for the first time, but I want to get away from that and start relying more on pure muscle memory.

30 minutes

Sentence reviews.

20 minutes

Cloze sentence review.

120 minutes

Wasn’t planning on studying for two hours, but just really got into a sentence mining zone lol.


12 minutes


34 minutes

Pleco and Skritter reviews. I’m trying to decide exactly how much effort and time I want to spend in this challenge. I learn pretty much all my vocabulary through extensive reading and listening, so I feel like to learn more would just mean more reading and listening haha. Any reviews on Pleco and Skritter is what I pretty much do everyday anyways. I do however, learn a lot of my characters through going through the Heisig deck on Skritter, which I am at almost 2300 characters, but also I have a total of 2400 characters learned on Skritter through other means. It was a goal of my to learn 3000 in a year which is doable with since two months from now being a year since I started learning Chinese. However, as my reading improves exponentially, being very focused on characters, I fear listening will lag behind. Maybe instead I should just focus on a balanced diet of reading and listening and naturally I’ll hit 3000 when I get there.

30 minutes

Sentences on anki. I’m counting it as vocabulary learning since I do cloze deletion cards requiring to recall the missing word. So far this has worked very well and far superior to mindlessly repeating sentences on the spoonfed deck which I found I was forgetting more than learning. Right now I’m working through a Mandarin Corner video called “Do You Really Want To Date A Chinese Girl?” which wasn’t difficult listening to without the transcript but now Im actively studying it by mining interesting new words and sentences. Lots and lots of slang in this one, so it’s pretty fun.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:45.5%
Hours reported4.55