in Vocabulary challenge, June 2021

70 minutes

Sorry I was late for the updates, I didn't have to much time as I moved and got settled. I did do vocab review every day, but only 10 to 30 minutes every day lately - not a lot of sit-down sessions.

60 minutes

Today I "mined" some relevant vocab words in a tv show episode and I LOVED IT. My level wasn't good enough before to understand most sentence so I hadn't try to read Mandarin subtitles for a long time, but I realized that I must have improved as I could understand most sentences or had the opportunity to investigate 1/2 characters (one word) per sentence, so this gave me a cool new boost of confidence even more so that the tv show uses simplified and I usually read traditional + I reviewed my current chapter's vocab

45 minutes

Yesterday, I reviewed chapter and overall vocab - I forgot a lot of vocab that I don't use often (or are not in tv shows lol), makes sense!

45 minutes

Yesterday, I took a break from chapter's vocab and I studied vocab from a modern c-drama, tbh this is one one my favorite method of learning about vocab because all the words are in context so I often stop the drama also when words or characters I already know are being used so I can understand the tone/usage of the words

What c-drama are you watching?

The one I used to study yesterday is called Ugly Beauty "皮囊之下", it's a modern day comedy and drama about tv show/cinema industry in China, the actress has to play a double role and it's really impressive. The vocabulary is intermediate and I find it a very good listening comprehension and vocabulary practice! I'm also watching Imperial Coroner, but that vocab is less relevant as it is a historical drama hehe

Thanks for sharing! Those historical dramas can be a trip. So much to learn that you'll never use outside of geeking out about historical dramas. Haha!

Haha you got it right, I also like to use historical drama as a "reward" and often use them for entertainment only, even though I end up learning and sometimes adding vocab to my database, they are my "treat" when I studied a lot and just want to enjoy the language without studying it

30 minutes

Today it was a shorter session for me which is not usual, but I wanted to keep up with the challenge. I only reviewed and overviewed character composition, but didn't do any "analysis" or writing per se.

60 minutes

Using reviewing chapter vocabulary in analyzing composition of new words, writing it down when I'm confusing similar looking words/characters

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:86.2%
Hours reported5.17