Viooz (free streaming of movies in Mandarin with subtitles)

Submitted by Julien Leyre on 21 March, 2014 03:03

Advanced Listening Video Resource-collections

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What funner way to practice listening than watch a good movie? Ok, I can think of a few, but admit it's right there towards the top of the list. This link has a wide range of movies, from Chinese classics to recent releases, available through free streaming, in Mandarin, and with subtitles. Enjoy!

20 December, 2014 15:50

new working link:

05 April, 2015 09:15

Seems it changed again, fixed now!

17 February, 2016 07:29

Seems to be taken down by legal action of some kind, will remove if it remains unavailable.

20 March, 2016 17:01

Up and running again!