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This is a news website that features articles, podcasts and videos about news and current affairs in Chinese. Although it is from an American perspective it features a lot of interesting content that a news site from China would be less likely to broadcast. This includes a focus on international events and incidents (Chinese news tends to be more focused on China), as well as international relations and politics. The website is also more likely to report information that is critical of China or Chinese leaders. You could probably accuse VOA of being one sided and biased towards American views but it often provides competing perspectives that aren't found in Chinese media. The benefit of the website is that transcriptions of the video are provided under most of the shorter news videos which makes it easier to look up new vocabulary. Click on the play button next to an article under the 更多 section on the main page for articles with videos. Once you have a video you can find most of them on Youtube if you wish to download them.

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