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Save time doing dictionary lookups! Simply point your camera at some Chinese text to get all the English definitions. And everything works offline.

Within just a couple of seconds of launching this Chinese OCR app, and without even touching the screen, you can be viewing word-by-word definitions of a complete line of Chinese text. The auto-snapshot feature means you won't have to keep awkwardly trying to position your camera.

Please Note: * This app is designed for reading regular Chinese text (like in a book). It is not intended for reading things like shop signs, food labels or other images using stylized text, so please bear this in mind before purchasing. * Works much better on text printed on paper than on text on computer screens * This app is designed for students learning Mandarin Chinese. Some Cantonese characters may not be recognized * Having trouble focusing the camera? Try holding it further away from the text

If you encounter ANY problems (e.g. stretched or rotated live preview) please contact us at hanping@embermitre.com and we will do our very best to fix it. We have done lots of testing on many different devices but there may be some problematic camera drivers we have not yet come across.

If you're not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. We don't want your money if you're not amazingly happy. Simply send us an email.

Features: ★ Scans live camera preview as well as still images (such as photos) ★ Works entirely offline! (INTERNET permission is only for dictionary updates etc) ★ Simplified and Traditional characters ★ Recognizes over 8000 different characters ★ Pinyin and Zhuyin (Bopomofo) pronunciation ★ Horizontal & vertical text ★ Fast - most devices perform recognition in a fraction of a second ★ Optimized for pages of regular text (such as in a book) ★ Clear, regular fonts should work well in general, but you may need to use the controls to reframe the text ★ Recognized Chinese characters are drawn over the image, allowing you to easily verify accuracy ★ Each character is colored according to its tone ★ Breaks text down into words, displaying all corresponding dictionary entries ★ Supports pan, zoom, and pinch-to-zoom ★ Resizeable image window ★ Seamlessly integrates with Hanping Chinese Dictionary (which you will need to install - it's free! - to see the dictionary entries)

There are two View modes:

  1. Live View The screen shows the live camera preview and the app continuously scans it for Chinese. As words are recognized, the corresponding dictionary entries are displayed.

Live View has two sub-modes: a) Auto: the camera is continuously refocused and a snapshot is automatically taken as soon as the characters are recognized. b) Manual: you control when to focus and whether to use flash (if your device supports it). You also choose when to snapshot the preview image.

  1. Image View Works with still images which are either snapshots of the camera preview or existing images (e.g. photos) you already have on your Android device.

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