Traditional-Simplified Character Tutor

Submitted by Kai Carver on 15 July, 2014 13:14

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This site teaches the differences between simplified and traditional characters and provides a complete list of simplified characters and character components.

It includes 14 productive components and 134 productive characters, which can combine with other components or characters to form new characters, and 350 simplified characters and 39 variant characters that cannot be used to form new characters.

It's an old-style site that uses graphics instead of text, but the lists of characters and radicals can be found in text form here:

16 July, 2014 08:31

Looks really good. I've been thinking that such a site ought to exist, but haven't really looked for it carefully. I need to really learn simplified better at some point and I'll try it out then!

16 July, 2014 08:49

Yeah, I was thinking as I looked at the 2600+ Traditional -> Simplified relations, there must be a way to reduce the simplification to a smaller set of rules... So it looks like, to learn simplified, I only need to learn about 500 things, not 2600+. Which is encouraging.

Ahem, but I think I'd better learn a few more traditional characters before seeing if that works.