FourTones (Web music game for learning Chinese)

Submitted by Olle Linge on 11 September, 2014 08:37

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Liked by Olle Linge and Kai Carver

This game helps you learn tones. You will see the lyrics of Chinese songs approaching you and you're supposed to select which of them actually belong to the lyrics you're hearing. It's a reasonably fun and active way of learning songs. As a way of learning tones, I don't know. Most songs don't really care that much about tones anyway and selecting between characters isn't the best way to practice. Still, it's a fun way learning Chinese, which is more than welcome.

11 September, 2014 22:17

Could add "Music" tag to this one

17 September, 2014 09:30

Yes, done! Thanks for pointing this out.

29 September, 2014 09:17

This project looks discontinued, but I'll wait a bit before I remove it for good.

19 October, 2014 13:19

The page is (still?) down.

27 October, 2014 13:42

Yeah, I'm considering removing it.

03 November, 2014 10:06

Removing this resource. It has been down for several months.