MandarinBanana: Remembering Chinese Characters by Drawing Like a Four-Year-Old

Submitted by Matthias on 19 October, 2014 13:36

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This website serves the purpose to create memorable mnemonics for simplified and traditional Chinese characters. Users can create mnemonics, and add images to the mnemonics using a paint-like front end. Images for a character's component can be re-used for the character's image. Let me give you an example: Say there are images for mnemonics for 一 and 人. You can re-use these images when painting an image for a mnemonic for 大.

There are also example sentences taken from public domain Chinese movies (well, one movie at the time of writing).

Moreover, users can review a character: An example sentence will be shown, and currently reviewed as well as due characters are obscured. For each obscured character, the user has to choose the right character. This resembles writing using a Pinyin input method. The review is then postponed like in a typical SRS software.

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