Submitted by Sebastian Rasmussen on 28 October, 2014 13:59

Beginner Listening Reading Game Simplified-Characters Traditional-Characters Pronunciation Tools-and-Apps Language-learning Android Windows

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This is a language learning game that features among other languages Mandarin Chinese (at first only Japanese was supported). It aims to teach you about 400 words by having a virtual character walk around in a small apartment pointing at things and telling you what these nouns are in Chinese. When you have collected a list of 10 words you can practice these words by getting hints such as pronunciation, Chinese characters or translation. When you master words (by successfully practicing these words a couple of times) you will be awarded stars which can be used to unlock further words such as adjectives and verbs.

17 November, 2014 10:36

Thanks for the link, I already learned some 50 new words so far (I think, not for complete beginners, have to have some knowledge of Chinese language before).

Great idea, good engine. I am hoping the indie developer can improve the learning system in the future (staged repetition/more than 10 words..).