Anki deck: 小城之春 (Spring in a Small Town) - Full Chinese movie

Submitted by Matthias on 11 December, 2014 13:43

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Anki is spaced repetition software. You can create cards and review them, Anki takes care of the rest.

This is an Anki video deck containing each sentence from the movie 小城之春. Each card has one sentence and one video, as well as the associated pinyin and vocabulary. I suggest to look at the Chinese sentence at the front of the card and try to pronounce it. Upon turning the card, see if you got the pronunciation right. Feel free to decide whether you want to see the video before or after turning the card. You can also leave a comment for each sentence.

The deck starts with an empty card, so that you get to know the movie's setting. There are also cards showing the plot between dialogues. I strongly recommend to review new cards in order of appearance.

You can get the full movie at

At the time of writing, the deck is still in beta status and contains errors.

Preview: -> click on "movies"

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