Chinese character stroke order rules (Understanding Chinese Characters on YouTube)

Submitted by Olle Linge on 31 March, 2015 00:21

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This is a basic video demonstration of the stroke order rules for writing Chinese characters. It's short and if you find something lacking, your question may have already been answered in the comments. This is the introduction to the video included on YouTube:

In this video I explain the eight basic stroke order rules for writing Chinese characters:

  1. Top to bottom
  2. Left to right
  3. Horizontal strokes have priority over vertical ones
  4. Central strokes have priority over lateral strokes
  5. Outside of the character first, inside last
  6. Closing horizontal stroke last
  7. General writing direction of character from top left to bottom right
  8. Dot stroke (dian stroke) if in the right section of the character comes last

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