Practical Mandarin (Chinese Lessons in London)

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Beginner Intermediate Advanced Paid General Courses-and-textbooks

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A London-based school that takes their Mandarin courses to the next level - integrating technology (bespoke Phone Flashcards) and HSK test planning into their courses from Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced.

Beginner Courses

Your first step to learn Mandarin Chinese is important. Make a start with us in our small (4-6 ppl) class with bespoke content to help you progress, and enjoy each lesson. Besides learning over 100 practical sentences, you will learn Chinese business etiquette such as presenting business cards, sitting on the dinning table or the gifting culture.

If you are ambitious, we are training you to take HSK 1 (Chinese Proficiency Test Leve 1) test in two courses over 12 x 2 weeks. No kidding! The Certificate is definitely Something for your Wall or your CV of course!

For Intermediate to Advanced Business Mandarin

We carefully choose textbooks and design teaching PPT for different classes depending on student’s level. Our elementary students mostly have done HSK 2 test (Chinese Proficiency Test Level II) with 90%+ results. Our Intermediate and Advanced students are learning more in-depth topics in line with current economy and culture affairs. For example, we talk about Chinese Real Estate market, KFC and Starbucks in China, or stories of Chinese local entrepreneurs and business tycoons.

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