LingQ (Online-Learnign Platform)

Submitted by lazylink on 28 May, 2015 20:47

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LingQ is an online learning platform for different languages including Chinese. You can practice reading, writing, listening and you vocabulary in general. It features an online-community with native speakers who can correct your written entries. Its especially great for its library auf audio and texts (including translations) and its reading interface where you can mark word as known/unknown and add them to your vocabulary list - hereby the website can display how many words (in %) of a text you should already know, which is great for choosing appropriate reading material. Its free to use but you can upgrade you account to have some benefits.

29 May, 2015 15:06

LWT - - or FLTR - - are LingQ clones, but completely free and Open Source.

02 June, 2015 08:36

Cool, thanks for recommending, will definitely check them out!

02 June, 2015 10:54

LWT (Learning With Texts) is already amongst the resources!