Speak Mandarin in 1000 words


Submitted by Olle Linge on 04 August, 2015 16:18

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This is a complete course with 100 lessons covering 1000 words. Each lesson contains video, text, vocabulary, grammar, exercises and much more. The course only covers traditional characters, but it's one of the best courses I've seen online, especially considering that everything is provided for free. Amazing, I wish I found this earlier!

04 August, 2015 16:44

I ask myself: why these Taiwanese guys at edu.ocac.gov.tw create such a nice resource with Flash technology? Scrolling does not work, copy and paste of text does not work, no usage on phones and tablet. Why not with HTML5? I don't understand it.

06 August, 2015 19:04

Good question! My guess is that the people involved aren't professional developers of software to do this and haven't updated their skills. I've seen this many times before in various applications and websites. They look and work like they were built twenty years ago.

23 December, 2015 09:56

This site has been offline for about two months and I'm therefore removing the link. What a pity!