Talking Chinese–English–Chinese Phrasebook app from Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand

Submitted by Olle Linge on 21 December, 2015 16:33

Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Paid Tools-and-Apps

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This is a fairly extensive phrasebook with some added extras. It has over 12,000 words, phrases and complete sentences in more than 250 categories. This app is meant for beginners, but works well for intermediate students as well. My own personal assessment after using the phrasebook for a while is that the sentences are actually quite useful and that it might come in handy for vocabulary building too, not just looking up things you want to say. I'm not sure the added features (such as having dynamic sentences where you can translate things like "This cost X dollars" and get the number right) are all that useful, but phrases and sentences are quite good and worth checking out.

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