Hanping Chinese SoundBox (now rolled into Hanping Dictionary) (Android App on Google Play)


Submitted by hanpingchinese on 09 February, 2016 13:16

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UPDATE 2017: This app is now rolled into our Hanping Dictionary apps (Lite, Pro & Cantonese).

Great way for beginners to practice single and double-syllable Chinese words.

★ Ideal for any student learning Mandarin pronunciation

★ Studio-quality audio recordings of a native Mandarin speaker

★ Soundboard of audio recordings of more than 38,000 characters

★ Audio recordings of more than 4,000 two-character words (available via in-app purchase)

★ Sounds grouped by tone pairs and according to Tone Sandhi rules

★ Sounds listed in order of HSK level so that you practise the easiest levels first

★ All double-syllable sounds taken from HSK levels 1 to 5

★ Supports Pinyin and Zhuyin

★ Works entirely offline and compact app size - so saves your bandwidth and storage

★ No ads!

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