Zizzle (app for learning Chinese characters)


Submitted by Olle Linge on 28 January, 2017 14:59

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Zizzle is an app that turns Chinese characters into engaging pictures and memorable short stories with funny heroes. For every single Chinese character, Zizzle creates a mnemonic story that employs techniques like association, visualizations and linkwords. Furthermore, Zizzle breaks down complicated Chinese characters into components to help you understand the structure of the Chinese language.

In Zizzle, characters are organized in decks according to the HSK levels, themes (like business, travel or food) and the most commonly used Chinese textbooks (i.e. Integrated Chinese). The learning process with Zizzle is further supported by an intelligent testing system, a spaced repetition algorithm, bite-sized lessons, a smart search function and over 1000+ essential Chinese words and phrases as well as 1000+ audio files.

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