A Chinese Typewriter in Silicon Valley: What 150 Years of Chinese Information Technology Can Teach the Alphabetic World


Submitted by Olle Linge on 27 June, 2020 19:42

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This is a presentation by Thomas S. Mullaney about Chinese typewriters through history. In the digital age, typing in Chinese is easier than it has ever been, but how did the Chinese typewrite evolve? How did they arrange characters when there are so many?

You won't learn much (or any) Chinese by watching this talk, but it's a fascinating story about o topic most students know little or nothing about. If you're really curious, you can also check the book the author published a few years later (2017).

While the talk has the announced purpose of inspiring "the alphabetical world", I don't think there's much of that in the talk, but as a glimpse of the history of Chinese typing, it is quite interesting!

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