Outlier Linguistics Chinese Character Dictionary and Masterclass


Submitted by Olle Linge on 20 August, 2020 08:47

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Outlier Linguistics provide a number high-quality resources for learning Chinese characters. All serious students should check out their dictionary, which is by far the easiest way to access reliable and informative entries about the characters you're learning. Explanations and breakdowns of characters are made manually by experts, not blindly by a computer. For each character, its origin is explained, along with explanations of the components according to their function (meaning, form and/or sound). A full review of the dictionary can be found here.

Outlier also offers a range of other products related to learning Chinese and Japanese, most notably a character course, which is mentioned briefly in the above review. It's aimed at more serious students who want to learn more about characters that any normal Chinese course contains. Even if you have studied for a long time and know thousands of characters, you're bound to learn something new from this course.

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