Hack Chinese - SRS platform for learning Chinese vocabulary online


Submitted by Dariya on 27 October, 2020 10:25

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Hack Chinese is an online tool that aims to solve one of the most pressing challenges faced by Chinese learners: memorizing vocabulary. It caters to non-beginner students who want to reach a high level of language proficiency.

The learning process with Hack Chinese is supported by an intelligent spaced repetition system, pre-made vocabulary lists, accurate audio pronunciation for over 100,000 words, informative analytics, and other essential study features. This platform can help you prepare for HSK, YCT, and IGCSE by assessing your current knowledge of the vocabulary required to pass the exams and filling in the gaps. It also provides the option to invite your teacher to use the platform with you in order to collaborate on your learning.

01 January, 2023 18:56

I've been using hack Chinese for about 9 months at this point and I highly recommend it. It lacks the customizability of Anki, but it is much more user friendly.

Probably the biggest benefit for me has been through the pre-made word lists for a number of graded readers. I can add a list for a book I want to read and any words I already know are ignored. Also, it shows exactly how many unknown words are in a book and I can use that to help me figure at what materials I'm ready for.