Graded Watching for advanced Chinese learners (vocabulary lists and difficulty rating for TV shows and movies)

Submitted by Olle Linge on 15 December, 2020 21:42

Intermediate Advanced Listening Vocabulary Resource-collections Video Web TV

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"Graded Watching makes watching TV series more approachable for Chinese learners by offering a list of Chinese TV shows on Netflix and Youtube sorted by difficulty, along with a vocabulary list for each show."

This site offers downloadable vocabulary lists for a long range of TV shows and movies in Chinese (almost 100 in total). For each show, you can see how many words it contains, download a word list, see where it's produced and where it can be found, along with a basic genre categorisation. There si also a difficulty rating, but I doubt it's very useful. It's based on the number of unique words, which seems only vaguely related to difficulty. Still, the word lists and the general accessibility of the information is admirable and well worth having a look at!

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