Traditional Chinese Psycholinguistic Database

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This website provides a large-scale psycholinguistic norm of 3,314 Traditional Chinese characters along with their naming latencies collected from 140 Chinese speakers.

Several variables are given for each character: character frequency, regularity (regarding how predictable the pronunciation is based on components, where 0 means irregular and 2 means very regular), consistency (how regular the sound component is in general as a fraction, so 1 means that all characters with this component are pronounced exactly the same), phonetic combinability and semantic combinability (phonetic/semantic component frequency by type), homophone density, number of strokes, number of disyllabic compound words formed by a character, semantic ambiguity rating, and familiarity (judged subjectively by participants.

The main measurement is reaction time, i.e. how long time it took for the participants (native speakers) to recall the pronunciation of the character and if they got it right (accuracy). You can request various types of lists based on this data through the web interface! Full information is presented in this paper:

Chang, Y. N., Hsu, C. H., Tsai, J. L., Chen, C. L., & Lee, C. Y. (2016). A psycholinguistic database for traditional Chinese character naming. Behavior Research Methods, 48(1), 112-122. Available here:

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