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JinbuPal is a web app designed to help learners rapidly jumpstart their Chinese skills by focusing on maintaining continual noticeable progress. JinbuPal’s card-based system features individual character and word cards, similar to digital flashcards. The key difference is that JinbuPal cards are arranged side-by-side and have been selected based on corpus data ranked for highest frequency. By doing so, JinbuPal confronts users with all the characters and words they will need to reach 90% recognition when engaging with real-world content.

JinbuPal’s interface equips learners with numerous ways of effortlessly filtering and sorting the cards to digest this information as fast as possible while tracking their frequency recognition level using the JinbuPal Score. Together, these features help Chinese learners blaze through the intermediate level plateau with proficiency and confidence. A key strength of JinbuPal is providing students with an environment where they feel completely free to learn their own way while also limiting the content just enough to ensure learners gain the maximum practical results for their efforts.

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