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Intermediate Advanced Reading Writing Vocabulary Resource-highlights Characters

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This site collects calligraphy references for HSK vocabulary. Most other resources for writing cursive script uses much less frequent characters and aren't suitable for second-language learners. If you want to learn some semi-cursive Chinese, either to write it yourself or to be better able to read other people's handwriting, this resources is handy! There are PDFs as well as a Pleco deck you can download.

Here is a description from the website:

"This document contains handwritten characters organized by HSK level. This version contains semi-cursive characters (⾏书); most people will probably want to use the version with regular characters instead (�书). The vast majority of these characters are written by the famous calligrapher 田英�, and are taken from his book 7000常⽤�, as made freely available on www.cidianwang.com. A handful of characters were missing (specifically, ⼝�覆涩抹); for these I have substituted characters by 荆�鹏, from his book 荆�鹏硬笔�书."

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