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Submitted by Olle Linge on 12 November, 2023 17:44

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Liked by Olle Linge is a new platform that allows you to access Chinese reading content from the internet for free. That itself is not remarkable, but the fact that the platform will help you find suitable reading material is noteworthy. In theory, this allows you to find reading material that you’re interested in (you can select among many different topics) and that suits your current level (you can select an HSK level and then fine-tune from there, or upload your vocabulary list to improve recommendations).

In practice, this is difficult to do well for several reasons, but on the whole, it works well. One issue is segmentation and wordhood, which essentially means that the app might think you don’t know something, not because it’s not in your selected HSK level (or uploaded vocabulary list), but because the two don’t agree on what a word is. For example, in the screenshot above, it thinks that I don’t know 如果说, which is just a phrase with the two very common words 如果 and 说, but since it’s not a word in HSK, it will think it’s a new word for me. This is a bit annoying but doesn’t detract substantially from the value of the service, as a higher percentage of known language is what most people should look for, not the accuracy of the actual number. is relatively new and I look forward to seeing how it will develop in the future. For now, everything is offered for free, so take this opportunity and let guide your online reading experience!

This resource was featured in my article The 10 best Chinese reading resources for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

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