MaoMi Chinese (intermediate podcast)

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Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Audio Podcast

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The MaoMi Chinese podcast is suitable for intermediate learners, offering mostly scripted monologues to improve your Chinese. The host is from Guangdong and is quite good at explaining more difficult words and expressions in Chinese.

One drawback is that the episodes are written in advance and read aloud, making them less natural. This makes them a little bit harder because there's less redundancy and more information per unit of time, which in turn might be a pro or a con depending on what you're after. Some episodes are behind a paywall even on ordinary podcast platforms, but many are available for free!

Pros: Mostly in Chinese, interesting topics, good explanations in Chinese

Cons: Short episodes, scripted content

Official description: MaoMi Chinese is a podcast and website for Mandarin Chinese learners made by a professional Chinese teacher as well as a Chinese learner - to get the best of both perspectives. We share tips and provide listening practice for intermediate+ learners. We make your learning more enjoyable by engaging you with intercultural resources across various topics.

This resource was featured in my article The best podcasts for learning Chinese.

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