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As the name implies, Learn Taiwanese Mandarin is a podcast for those who focus on Taiwanese Mandarin, but well worth checking out if you want to listen to different accents too (which you should). It is less standard and more casual than Learn Mandarin in Mandarin with Huimin, but otherwise quite similar (natural, non-scripted monologues). Episodes are often quite long, 15-35 minutes, and cover a wide range of topics, from current events to cultural insights and discussions.

Pros: Chinese only, natural, unscripted

Cons: Somewhat uneven difficulty

Official description: Learn Taiwanese Mandarin is a podcast aimed at intermediate to advanced learners.It’s all in Chinese(from the 4th episode), and if there are advanced words, I will explain them using slower and easier Chinese words and sentences! You will also learn some culture knowledge about Taiwan. With more episodes coming out, I’ll also teach you some useful Taiwanese/Hokkien. 跟我一起用中文學習中文吧!

This resource was featured in my article The best podcasts for learning Chinese.

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