in Reading challenge, November 2020

75 minutes

I read some of my story over Thanksgiving break. Then I read for 15 minutes in class. In class I read the same story. Over thanksgiving I got to see how a new restaurant moved in next door. They have the same food as Hai Zhou's restaurant. A middle aged man owns the restaurant. There becomes a rivalry between the two.

25 minutes

I read lots of chinese fairy tales. I read the tortoise and the hare, Jack and the beanstalk, and also the three little pigs. I read the three little pigs and the tortoise and the hare in class. I read Jack and the beanstalk during my passing periods.

20 minutes

I read a little Wordswing this morning and then I listened to Little Red Riding Hood on youtube on Little Fox. In little red riding hood it was the typical story. For my Wordswing book I read Pepper and Carrot.

20 minutes

Haisheng delivered a bag of food to a rich old lady. He was late though so the food was really wet and soggy and cold. Then he had to deliver a bag of food to this pretty lady. I think she was his teacher. Then a new restaurant opened across the street.

20 minutes

I read 15 minutes in class and 5 minutes this morning. Haisheng is now supposed to deliver food to an old lady. He gets side track and might be late! Is he late or not?

30 minutes

I read this morning for fifteen minutes and then fifteen minutes this afternoon.

15 minutes

I read about haisheng starting to deliver food.

10 minutes

I read how how hai zhou made noodles. Everyone wanted to eat his noodles instead of the ones his father made.

14 minutes

I read the misadventures of Zhou Haisheng. His parents just came home and he is telling them how he made noodles. His mom seems happy, but his dad seems angry.

15 minutes

I read The misadventures of Zhou Haisheng. He made noodles for his friend for lunch. Then a man comes into the restaurant and he says he wants noodles. Haisheng makes noodles for him.

12 minutes

I read the Misadventures of Zhou Haisheng. I read that his family has a restaurant that is named after his family's last name. He will sometimes work at the restaurant and they have lots of customers. The other day his friend didn't eat lunch so he told his friend that he could eat lunch at his family's restaurant.

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:142.0%