in Listening challenge, January 2021

60 minutes

Listened to 30 mins podcast twice. Afternoon Girls' Club Ep 為什麼文化挪用總是讓人爆氣?

68 minutes

listened to a 34 minutes podcast twice 那些你不敢跟老闆說的事 Ep 職場裡的性別差異 I often listen to podcasts multiple times especially the challenging ones so I would listen once without looking up anything then listen once more while looking up words I don’t know that jump out at me. Sometimes I go back to it again after a few weeks.

110 minutes

Listened to 55 mins podcast twice. 打個電話給你 Ep 好勝 VS 躺平

38 minutes

Listened to an 18 mins podcast twice. 那些你不敢跟老闆說的事

47 minutes

Listened to podcast 寂寞拖延 EP 關於暗戀

37 minutes

22 mins podcast 芫來東京 Ep住在中野的日常 plus 15 mins of youtube video

66 minutes

Podcast 打個電話給你 Ep 誰說女生不能MAN男生不能娘?

80 minutes

40 minutes podcast that I had to listen to twice. The first one was passive and then I had to go back and listen again as they use so many advance words I don't know. 那些你不敢跟老闆說的事 Ep 你能獨處嗎?This has become my favourite Chinese podcast.

36 minutes

Listened to podcast 借問一下 EP 拿掉工作之後,你還剩下什麼?

62 minutes

Listened to podcast 打個電話給你 Ep 你了解過自己的消費習慣嗎?I think my taste in Chinese/English podcasts are almost completely opposite. In English I normally never listen to random convos podcasts about lifestyle and daily life and random thoughts but I really enjoy it in Chinese for some reason. Might have something to do with the difference in my English and Chinese level 🤔my Chinese is not at a level yet to enjoy more complicated or specialised subjects.

90 minutes

over 60 mins podcast 打個電話給你 Ep 你是好相處的人嗎? and 30 mins podcast Afternoon Girls' Club Ep 在家工作?你可能需要的時間管理大法

40 minutes

40 mins podcast 東京模樣 Ep 日文到底怎麼能學好?

90 minutes

Listened to 30 mins podcast twice 那些你不敢跟老闆說的事 Ep 職場有沒有真朋友 I find this Episode a bit hard to understand. It has a lot of vocabularies that I don't know so I'm listening again for the 3rd time.

34 minutes

Listened to a podcast called Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby Ep 為什麼台灣人這麼愛日本? 17 mins podcast but I listened to it twice. I had a break from doing anything else Chinese today. Accidentally, pour boiling water on to my hand and spent the whole day with my hand in cold water bowl and in pain. So did my listening and called it a day.

77 minutes

60 minutes listened to podcast 大人的 small talk Ep 為什麼台灣人英文學不好?It might be too hard for me but I will give it another listen because I was a bit distracted before. 17 minutes watching beauty youtuber talking about scented candles.

60 minutes

Listened to 30 mins podcast twice Afternoon Girls' Club Ep. 如何脫離嫉妒的化身

100 minutes

70 minutes listened to podcast 打個電話給你 Ep 當外國人是一種什麼體驗?then 30 minutes listened to a beauty youtuber talking about her Costco haul

80 minutes

Listened to 2 podcasts. 東京模樣 Ep. 才剛來日本就心傷?looked up 13 words and passive listening of 芫來東京 Ep 日本媽媽的秘密. Also watched Taiwanese beauty Youtuber Natalie吳斐莉

70 minutes

Listened to 2 podcasts twice each and selected 15 words from each to learn. It's called 那些你不敢跟老闆說的事 Ep. 【二選一】選你愛的人,還是愛你的人?and 如果視力,聽力,只能保留一個?

Challenge time progress:100%
Goal progress:138.3%
Hours reported20.74