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Perapera Language Tools (Popup browser dictionary)

This is probably one of the most useful plugins for both Firefox and Chrome to learn Chinese. Perapera offers an excellent popup dictionary which allows you to take on texts that would have been im... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Reading Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Web

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Olle Linge about 8 years

有道 (Youdao.com)

This is by far the best online Chinese-English-Chinese dictionary I know. Not only does it have much more words than most other dictionaries, it also has bilingual sentences in large numbers, givin... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Translation Web

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Olle Linge about 8 years

Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

Anki is by far the most versatile spaced repetition software out there. It's not the easiest one to install and understand exactly how to use, but once you are familiar with it, you can do anything... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps SRS

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Olle Linge almost 8 years

Jun Da: Chinese text computing

This site by Jun Da contains a lot of very interesting resources for anyone who wants dig deeper into frequency lists. One set of data I haven't found anywhere else is a frequency list of syllables... Read more.


Advanced Intermediate General Information-and-Advice Tools-and-Apps Research

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Olle Linge about 8 years


锵锵三人行 is my favourite TV program. It’s also one of the best ones for language learners, mostly because of its focus on talking, availability of transcripts and variety of both guests and topics. Th... Read more.


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Zoe about 8 years

ChinesePod - Learn Chinese Online & with Mobile Apps

ChinesePod is one of the most comprehensive resources out there when it comes to listening. I started out with ChinesePod a long time ago and found it quite useful, especially from upper-intermedia... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Paid

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Olle Linge about 8 years

HanziCraft - The Ultimate Chinese Character Dictionary

HanziCraft is a web application that takes you into the depths of Chinese characters. It aims to provide information on Chinese characters in a easy clean format with awesome useful information. It... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Web

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Olle Linge about 8 years