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Analyse Your 汉字 (Chinese Vocabulary and Text Analysis)

You can input Charakters and this tool will output statistics about the words and characters, and can suggest high frequency words and characters that should be learned. It also analyses the HSK le... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Research

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lazylink over 8 years

新华网 – Xinhua Headlines Bilingual Zone

Xinhua bilingual zone brings you news stories in both English and Simplified Chinese from around China and world Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Chinese-in-context Reading Resource-collections News

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Sebastian Rasmussen almost 9 years

The Chairman's Bao (simplified news for language learners)

The Chairman's Bao offers news in Chinese, written for language learners sorted by HSK level. Each news article comes with text and audio. There's also a live dictionary which you need to sign-up t... Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Listening Reading Resource-collections Audio News Text

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Olle Linge almost 9 years

知乎 - 与世界分享你的知识、经验和见解 (Chinese Quora)

This site is best described as a Chinese version of Quora, so in other words a site where people ask and answer questions (and discuss other people's questions and answers). Read more.


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Olle Linge over 9 years

CCTV Learn Chinese

This resource was recommended by jblinguaphile [here](http://www.hackingchinese.com/extensive-listening-challenge-october-2014-wrapping-up/#comment-649507). China Central Television has produced... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Audio

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Olle Linge over 9 years

Growing up with Chinese (CNTV English)

This resource was recommended by jblinguaphile [here](http://www.hackingchinese.com/extensive-listening-challenge-october-2014-wrapping-up/#comment-649507). There are 100 episodes, structured li... Read more.


Beginner Intermediate Listening Courses-and-textbooks Resource-collections

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Olle Linge over 9 years

科学脱口秀 | 节操满地聊科学 (Science Talk Show)

This is an excellent talk show focusing on science, usually featuring several people discussing a certain topic in a relatively free manner (thus this is a lot more natural than anything that is si... Read more.


Advanced Listening Resource-collections Audio

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Olle Linge over 9 years

Using Audacity to learn Chinese (speaking and listening) (Hacking Chinese)

Audacity is a marvellous piece of software that allows you to record audio (yourself, other people or whatever is playing on your computer), mimic native speakers, edit and enhance the audio, as we... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Speaking Information-and-Advice Tools-and-Apps Blog

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Olle Linge over 9 years

Learn Chinese with CSLPOD

CSLPOD offers a large library of audio for all levels and the audio is available for free (you can subscribe for some other services, such as vocabulary explanations, sentence drilling and some exe... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Audio Text

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Olle Linge over 9 years

尸兄 Zombie Brother 第1集 【騰訊漫畫人氣榜第一!】

zombie Brother (尸兄) is a cartoon series about zombie apocalypse. It's quite bizarre at points and contains a fair amount of blood, violence and other elements not suitable for children. Each episod... Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Listening Resource-highlights Video VPN-required

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Olle Linge almost 10 years

Skeptoid: 民间神话背后的科学根據

This is the Chinese version of the popular Skeptoid.com podcast that deals with urban legends and myths from a scientific perspective. The Chinese version is well-produced and the content is transl... Read more.


Advanced Listening Resource-collections Audio Text

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Olle Linge almost 10 years

SBS Chinese - Mandarin Radio (普通话广播)

SBS is an Australian national public broadcaster that provides a large number of programs online in Mandarin. Programs are easily accessible on the website itself or can be downloaded in mp3 format. Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Audio

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Olle Linge almost 10 years

Viooz (free streaming of movies in Mandarin with subtitles)

What funner way to practice listening than watch a good movie? Ok, I can think of a few, but admit it's right there towards the top of the list. This link has a wide range of movies, from Chinese c... Read more.


Advanced Listening Resource-collections Video

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Julien Leyre almost 10 years

tghz-word-tone-annotator - Annotating Hanzi with tones and pinyin in Microsoft Word

This program adds tone marks on top of characters in Microsoft Word. This is quite useful if you want to produce texts that have tones but not Pinyin, enabling yourself or your students to focus on... Read more.


Beginner Intermediate Reading Tools-and-Apps Pronunciation Teaching

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Olle Linge over 9 years

意见中国 经济学家访谈录 网易财经 (Economics interviews and discussions with transcripts)

This site offers a large number of in-depth interviews and discussion about economics. Each episode is around 20 minutes and there are currently 151 episodes available. Excellent for anyone with an... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 9 years

田字格打印 - 中文天下 (Generates stroke-order exercise sheets)

This is a simple tool that generates exercise sheets for stroke order practice. You input the characters you want to practice (or that you want your students to practice) and the site gives you bac... Read more.


Beginner Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Characters Simplified-Characters Traditional-Characters Web

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Olle Linge over 9 years

Foreigncy (Reading and vocabulary practice for advanced learners)

Foreigncy provides daily digital flashcards, with audio, that prepare a user to read a foreign policy or economics from a regional source. The site also provide users with an English language summa... Read more.


Advanced Reading Vocabulary Resource-collections Economics News Politics Text

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Olle Linge over 9 years

中文阅读天地 (University of Iowa)

This site contains a huge number of lessons, complete with texts, vocabulary, audio, exercises and much more. And it's all free. Note that if you want to get the intermediate and advanced material,... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 9 years