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Little Fox Chinese

Welcome to Little Fox's official Chinese language channel, fun educational animated stories and songs for children. Little Fox makes learning Chinese fun with animated stories. As students watch ou... Read more.


Beginner Intermediate Chinese-in-context Listening Resource-collections

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Mandarin Chinese Listening Training (漢語聽力通)

A bit like Phonemica. This website has recordings of different accents in Chinese language, including both by native speakers and non-native speakers. Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Resource-highlights Audio Pronunciation

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Listening Practice

Practice transcribing the sentences with audio from Tatoeba on this website. Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Chinese-in-context Listening Tools-and-Apps Audio

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SBS Happy Weekend

It is a series of Mandarin Chinese weekly radio interviews, around 30-40 minutes each, usually with a member of the local Chinese community in Australia. The focus is usually on an aspect of the in... Read more.


Intermediate Listening

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