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Hacking Chinese Challenges is meant to stimulate and encourage language learning by allowing you to set personal goals and strive to achieve them alongside fellow students. With a clear goal in sight and a defined period of time, procrastination is kept to a minimum and focus remains high. The challenges here are meant to be cooperative where we strive towards similar goals together, giving each other moral support, helpful suggestions and inspiration. Any competitive element should be friendly in nature!

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Current challenge

Reading challenge, April 2018

15 April, 2018 – 30 April, 2018 5 Days left

Running 26人 41h

Read as much Chinese as you can before the end of October! More details and suggestions for what (and how) to read can be found in the attached article.

Challenge archive

Open challenge, April 2018

01 April, 2018 – 14 April, 2018

Enrolled 27人 74h

This is an open challenge where you choose your own focus. Please read the linked article for information and inspiration!

Vocabulary challenge, March 2018

15 March, 2018 – 31 March, 2018

Enrolled 35人 91h

This is a vocabulary challenge (characters and words). Please read the attached article for information and inspiration!

Open challenge, March 2018

01 March, 2018 – 14 March, 2018 0 Days left

Enrolled Running 14人 77h

This is an open challenge where you choose your own focus. Please read the linked article for information and inspiration!

Listening challenge, February 2018

15 February, 2018 – 28 February, 2018

Enrolled 29人 31h

This is a focused challenge intended to help you improve your listening skills. Please read the attached article for information and inspiration!

Open challenge, February 2018

01 February, 2018 – 14 February, 2018 2 Days left

Enrolled Running 24人 13h

This is an open challenge, which means you choose your own topic and set your own goal. For inspiration and motivation, please share your goal in a comment to the linked article.

Speaking Challenge, December 2017

01 December, 2017 – 31 December, 2017

45人 69h

Improve your speaking ability! Read more in the linked article.

Reading challange, October 2017

01 October, 2017 – 31 October, 2017 0 Days left

Enrolled Running 97人 213h

Read as much Chinese as you can before the end of October! More details and suggestions for what (and how) to read can be found in the attached article.

Listening challenge, August 2017

01 August, 2017 – 31 August, 2017 1 Days left

Running 77人 458h

Listen as much as you can in August to improve your Chinese listening comprehension! Read more why and how in the linked article.

Writing challenge, June 2017

01 June, 2017 – 30 June, 2017

35人 70h

Practise your Chinese writing ability, report progress and stay on track! See the linked article for more information and inspiration.

Reading challenge, April 2017

01 April, 2017 – 30 April, 2017

79人 207h

Read as much Chinese as you can before the end of April! More details and suggestions for what (and how) to read can be found in the attached article.

Listening challenge, February 2017

01 February, 2017 – 28 February, 2017

85人 332h

Listening is perhaps the most important skill of all. See how many hours of listening practice you can accumulate in February! Everything counts. Read the related article for more about how to practise and further advice in general.

Translation challenge, December 2016

10 December, 2016 – 31 December, 2016

32人 37h

The focus for this month's challenge is translation from Chinese to a language you feel more comfortable with.

Mimicking challenge, November 2016

11 November, 2016 – 30 November, 2016

22人 110h

Choose an audio recording of a native speaker and try to reproduce an exact copy of what what the person says and how he or she does it, including pronunciation, pacing, intonation and so on. Read the attached article for more information.

Character challenge, October 2016

10 October, 2016 – 31 October, 2016

33人 123h

Learn new components/characters, deepen the knowledge you already have, fight a large review queue or strengthen your knowledge web.

Translation challenge, September 2016

10 September, 2016 – 30 September, 2016

27人 35h

This month's challenge is about translating to Chinese from your native language. Read more about the challenge, including why translation can be a useful way of improving your writing skill in Chinese, in the linked to blog post!

Benchmarking challenge, June 2016

10 June, 2016 – 30 June, 2016

16人 18h

Try to measure your progress, including identifying strength and weaknesses. More information in the linked article!

Writing challenge, May 2016

10 May, 2016 – 31 May, 2016

29人 31h

Improve your Chinese by writing as much as you can, as well as working with the feedback you receive.

Reading challenge, April 2016

10 April, 2016 – 30 April, 2016

46人 201h

Read as much as you can before the end of April! See the linked article for more about how and what to read.

Vocabulary challenge, March 2016

10 March, 2016 – 31 March, 2016

63人 232h

Vocabulary learning or reviewing, passive or active; see the linked to article!

Listening challenge, February 2016

10 February, 2016 – 29 February, 2016

75人 366h

It's time for a Chinese listening challenge! Enrol, set your goal and listen as much as you can before the end of the month. This article contains more information about the challenge, some important things to keep in mind as well as suggestions for what to listen to.

New Year Challenge, January 2016

10 January, 2016 – 31 January, 2016

21人 45h

Clear up unfinished projects from last year or establish good learning habits for the year ahead!

Extensive reading challenge, December 2015

10 December, 2015 – 31 December, 2015

38人 125h

See linked article.

Writing challenge, November 2015

10 November, 2015 – 30 November, 2015

39人 38h

Please refer to the linked blog post!

Extensive listening challenge, October 2015

10 October, 2015 – 31 October, 2015

71人 419h

Listen as much as you can! For further suggestions about what and how to listen, check the attached link.

Character learning challenge, September 2015

10 September, 2015 – 30 September, 2015

79人 252h

Learn new characters and/or review old ones, read more about the challenge in the related article.

Extensive reading challenge, August 2015

10 August, 2015 – 31 August, 2015

64人 194h

Read in order to read a lot, quantity matters more than quality. It's okay to skip words, it's even desirable. You read to understand most of what's going on, but not everything. It should be fun to read and using dictionaries to look up unknown words typically isn't all that fun.

Speaking challenge, July 2015

10 July, 2015 – 31 July, 2015

33人 74h

More information later, will focus on quantity (speaking more) and quality (including pronunciation).

Extensive listening challenge, June 2015

10 June, 2015 – 30 June, 2015

59人 350h

Listen as much as you can. More information soon.

Writing challenge, May 2015

10 May, 2015 – 31 May, 2015

30人 97h

See the linked blog post for more information and inspiration!

Extensive reading challenge, April 2015

10 April, 2015 – 30 April, 2015

77人 409h

Extensive reading challenge, read as much as you can before the end of April. Read the related article for suggestions on what to read and more inspiration and information!

Extensive listening challenge, March 2015

10 March, 2015 – 31 March, 2015

87人 1255h

Listen as much as you can to audio at or slightly below your current proficiency level. Please check the link for more information and inspiration!

Pronunciation challenge, February 2015

10 February, 2015 – 28 February, 2015

59人 91h

Spend as much high-quality time as you can, doing various exercises to improve your pronunciation in Chinese (or other languages if you feel like it). Please read the challenge article for more information and inspiration!

Character learning challenge, January 2015

10 January, 2015 – 31 January, 2015

84人 444h

Take this opportunity to catch up with character and word learning! Please read the article linked to below for more information about prizes and challenge details.

Translation challenge, December 2014

11 December, 2014 – 31 December, 2014

60人 150h

Learn Chinese through translation, either English-Chinese (writing practice), Chinese-English (reading practice) or both!

Extensive reading challenge, November 2014

10 November, 2014 – 30 November, 2014

110人 432h

Read as much as you can before the end of November! Check the link for inspiration and information.

Extensive listening challenge, October 2014

10 October, 2014 – 31 October, 2014

139人 924h

Extensive listening is one of the most important activities when learning a foreign language. In this sense, extensive means that you should listen as much as possible, covering as much material as you can, rather than digging deep into each audio clip. Try to listen to Chinese at or below your level and try to listen a lot! Read the article that will be published on Thursday for more informati...

Vocabulary catch-up challenge

21 September, 2014 – 30 September, 2014

10人 32h

If you've spent too little time reviewing recently, this challenge is for you. I haven't spent much time reviewing lately and I'm more than 1000 reviews behind. The best way to kill a review queue is by persistent and regular time boxing, so let's do that! This challenge is a final test before the challenge engine goes public early next month, so it will only last until September 30th. If you h...