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Chinese Dictionary - YellowBridge

Talking Chinese dictionary with sample sentences, handwriting recognition, fuzzy pinyin matches, word decomposition, animated stroke order, character etymology, etc. Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Web

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Tom over 10 years

Focusing on tone pairs to improve your Mandarin pronunciation

When learning to pronounce tones in Chinese, it makes sense to focus on words rather than single syllables. Most words in Chinese are disyllabic and since practising these will also include to tone... Read more.


Beginner Intermediate Speaking Information-and-Advice Pronunciation

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Olle Linge over 10 years

Lang-8: Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange

Learning a foreign language, most people lack proper feedback from native speakers. Even if we have friends and teachers, always having to ask for help isn't very good. Lang-8 is a website that con... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Writing Social-learning Language-exchange

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Olle Linge over 10 years