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Viooz (free streaming of movies in Mandarin with subtitles)

What funner way to practice listening than watch a good movie? Ok, I can think of a few, but admit it's right there towards the top of the list. This link has a wide range of movies, from Chinese c... Read more.


Advanced Listening Resource-collections Video

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Julien Leyre almost 9 years

Marco Polo Project - read and translate new writing from China

The Marco Polo Project is a digital community reading and translating new writing from China. The website proposes a diverse and original selection of new Chinese writing by independent journalists... Read more.


Advanced Reading Resource-collections Translation

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Julien Leyre almost 9 years

Pianke - 片刻Ting

A very pleasant Mandarin podcast series - 3-7 minute fiction podcasts with cute background music. Full text for each podcast is available on the side. 片刻ting是片刻网的有声频道,为用户开辟了一个属于耳朵的独立空间,为文字赋予不同的感觉。 Read more.


Advanced Listening Resource-collections Audio

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Julien Leyre almost 9 years

John Pasden's complete tips on Chinese pronunciation (Sinosplice)

John Pasden has over ten years of experience teaching Chinese language, and a particular awareness of phonetic difficulties. This page gathers a number of posts on his website sinosplice about pron... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Speaking Information-and-Advice Pronunciation

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Julien Leyre almost 9 years