Translation challenge, September 2016

This month's challenge is about translating to Chinese from your native language. Read more about the challenge, including why translation can be a useful way of improving your writing skill in Chinese, in the linked to blog post!

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Wednesday, Sep 07
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Wednesday, Sep 07
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Tuesday, Sep 06
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Olle Linge


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1.Thumb avatarAlexander Giddings11.79117%
2.Thumb avatarMajiya5.3376%
3.Thumb avatarPeter5.0100%
4.Thumb avatarBen Parker3.060%
5.Thumb avatarOlle Linge2.3346%
6.Thumb avatarManuela2.2532%
7.Thumb avatarnaphta1.515%
8.Thumb avatar海峰1.516%
9.Thumb avatarMiriam1.0521%
10.Thumb avatarCecilia Elizabeth Pauta Pauta1.050%
11.Thumb avatarSharon0.175%
Hours reported34.92
DurationSeptember 10, 2016 to
September 30, 2016 (21 days)