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Chinese Calligraphy Editor (Chinese-Tools.com)

Create your own Chinese calligraphy with a character, a word, a sentence or any text. Choose the size, style, orientation, simplified or traditional Chinese characters. This tool offers a wide vari... Read more.


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Olle Linge about 10 years

The Cozy Study

A blog written and managed by an advanced Chinese featuring reviews of books, TV dramas and games. Additionally, the blog also features recommendations for utilising media in Chinese language learn... Read more.


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花谢月令 4 months

mylingua (personalised news feed in Chinese)

Mylingua is a new platform that allows you to access authentic Chinese reading content from the internet, helping you pick reading material that both suits your interests and your reading ability. ... Read more.


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Olle Linge 6 months


JinbuPal is a web app designed to help learners rapidly jumpstart their Chinese skills by focusing on maintaining continual noticeable progress. JinbuPal’s card-based system features individual cha... Read more.


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Mike Kennedy over 1 year

Type IPA phonetic symbols for all languages

This is a simple input tool where you can use your keyboard or mouse to compose text in IPA. If you only need a single word, copy/pasting is probably good enough, but this is handy if you want more... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Speaking Tools-and-Apps Online-Tool Pronunciation

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Olle Linge over 1 year

zi.tools 字統网

This website allows you to look up all sorts of things related to characters, including pronunciation in historical and regional varieties, components based on their pictographic origin, and much m... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Information-and-Advice Tools-and-Apps Characters Dictionary Web

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Olle Linge over 1 year

Chinese Character Counting

This is a simple and easy-to-use tool to quickly count the number of Chinese characters and number of unique characters (called "distinguishable characters" for some reason). It can add up several ... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Characters

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Olle Linge about 2 years

HanziGraph (visual vocabulary relationships)

This website shows you how characters connect to each other to form words, which words characters appear in and also shows thin information in a visual graph (hence the name). There are some settin... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Simplified-Characters

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Olle Linge about 2 years

Language Reactor (formerly Language Learning with Netflix)

Language Reactor is a Chrome extension that helps you learn a language while watching your favorite Netflix show or videos on YouTube. It shows subtitles in your target language, in your native lan... Read more.


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Jennifer over 2 years

國家教育研究院雙語詞彙、學術名詞暨辭書資訊網 (bilingual and scientific vocabulary search)

This site is hosted by the National Academy for Educational Research (Taiwan) and offers a search function to facilitate working with English and Chinese vocabulary in an academic setting. Search f... Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Traditional-Characters Translation

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Olle Linge almost 3 years

中英對照香港學校中文學習基礎字詞 (Lexical Items with English Explanations for Fundamental Chinese Learning in Hong Kong Schools)

An official website from Hong Kong's Education Bureau, showing basic information about characters and words, accessed through a variation of input methods (typing, radical look-up, Pinyin, Cantones... Read more.


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Olle Linge about 3 years

Traditional Chinese Psycholinguistic Database

This website provides a large-scale psycholinguistic norm of 3,314 Traditional Chinese characters along with their naming latencies collected from 140 Chinese speakers. Several variables are gi... Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Reading Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Research Traditional-Characters Web

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Olle Linge about 3 years

My Graph Paper (图形方格纸)

With this handy tool, you can create highly configurable graph paper for practising writing Chinese characters (and many other things). The tool is free to use and offers a large number of settings... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Handwriting

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Olle Linge over 3 years

How many Chinese characters do you know? (WordSwing)

This is a simple tool that gauges how many Chinese characters you know. Since it's built on self-grading, you can yourself decide how you want to take the test. Do you want to check how many charac... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Simplified-Characters

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Olle Linge over 3 years

汉语识字量测试 (Chinese character recognition test)

This test estimates your character knowledge in Chinese, mixing a number of different questions. I got 5772 which is probably a little bit high, but in the right ball park. It should be mentioned t... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 3 years

開放中文轉換 (Open Chinese Convert, OpenCC)

Open Chinese Convert (OpenCC, 開放中文轉換) is an opensource project for conversions between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese Kanji (Shinjitai). It supports character-level and phrase... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 3 years

语料库在线 (chcorpus.org)

This is an online and easy to use corpus for Chinese. Choose between modern and classical Chinese (the link goes to modern Chinese, as I assume that that is what most people are after). Enter your ... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 4 years

Chinese Vocabulary Profiler (Chinese Text Computing)

This website offers many tools related to vocabulary frequency analysis, some of which are also useful for teachers and students. This particular tool, Chinese Vocabulary Profiler, helps you analys... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Reading Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Teaching

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Olle Linge over 5 years


Clozemaster is language learning gamification through mass exposure to vocabulary in context. Great post-Duolingo app and useful for language learners of all levels. Free to sign up and play! Ch... Read more.


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Foxears about 6 years


Inkstone : Learn Chinese on the go - no Internet connection required! Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Writing Tools-and-Apps Handwriting Review Simplified-Characters Traditional-Characters

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hanpingchinese over 6 years

Into the Haze (迷雾中) - Text adventure game for Chinese learners

Into the Haze is an interactive text adventure game for Chines learners. Your brother is missing and you need to enter a city covered in a poisonous haze to find him. The story is presented through... Read more.


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Olle Linge over 6 years

CHDICT Chinese-Hungarian dictionary

Open-source, community edited Chinese-Hungarian dictionary • 11,000 headwords • Handwriting recognition • Stroke order animations Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate General Reading Vocabulary Writing Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Web

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hanpingchinese about 7 years

Chinese Driving Test

Example questions and answers in English for the new question bank of the Chinese driving test for foreigners who want to study, practice and apply for a drivers license in China. Read more.


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stefanwienert over 7 years

Shanka 闪卡 Flashcards Web App (Handwriting Chinese - BETA)

Shanka 闪卡 Flashcards Web App, is a free online tool that allows you to practice your handwriting. More Information can be found here: http://www.hskhsk.com/shanka.html Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Writing Tools-and-Apps Handwriting

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lazylink almost 9 years

Tandem (language exchange app)

This app allows you to connect with native speakers of different languages around the world, and might be a good alternative, especially for people who don't live in China or don't have lots of Chi... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate General Social-learning Tools-and-Apps iOS

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Olle Linge about 9 years

Chinese Tutor - Flashcards, Dictionary, Speaking Practice

Online Chinese flashcards that adapt to your learning, Chinese speaking practice using voice recognition, and a simple, fast Chinese-English dictionary. Read more.


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ChineseTutor almost 10 years

Select and Speak (Text-to-Speech Chrome Extension)

Select and Speak uses iSpeech's human sounding text to speech (TTS) to let you select text from almost any website and make it talk. This is excellent both for productivity and for added listening ... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Tools-and-Apps Chrome

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Olle Linge about 10 years

Visual Chinese Search

A search tool for finding visually similar Chinese characters. Input a Chinese character and see a list of other characters that look roughly the same. The tool also offers character decomposition ... Read more.


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Kevin Bullaughey almost 7 years