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nciku - Online English Chinese Dictionary, Learn Chinese Mandarin Online

Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary with Chinese handwriting recognition, pinyin translation, audio pronunciation, personalized vocab lists, picture theme words and useful Chinese conver... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Web

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Olle Linge over 10 years

Pleco Chinese Dictionary for iOS

Chinese dictionary for iOS with handwriting, OCR, flashcards, audio, document reader (including support for reading words on web pages and in PDF / EPUB documents), stroke order, and more than 20 a... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Reading Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Characters Classical-Chinese Dictionary Handwriting iOS Mobile Pronunciation Simplified-Characters Traditional-Characters Translation

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mikelove about 10 years

Du Chinese (mobile app for Chinese reading practice)

This is a reading app that contains a number of lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Apart from the reading material, there is also recorded (not synthesised) audio. The app al... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Listening Reading Tools-and-Apps Audio Simplified-Characters Text Traditional-Characters

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Olle Linge over 8 years

Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

Anki is by far the most versatile spaced repetition software out there. It's not the easiest one to install and understand exactly how to use, but once you are familiar with it, you can do anything... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps SRS

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Olle Linge almost 10 years

Pleco Software - Learn Chinese with dictionaries for iPhone, iPad and Android

Pleco is one of the most popular mobile dictionaries for Chinese learners. It basically removes the need for any kind of paper dictionary and allows easy look-up for words using English, hand-writi... Read more.


Advanced Beginner Intermediate Vocabulary Tools-and-Apps Dictionary Mobile SRS

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Olle Linge over 10 years

聊聊东西 Podcast

The host, Candice, talks about various topics on her podcast. Each episode is about 15-40 minutes long, completely in Chinese. Read more.


Advanced Intermediate Listening Resource-collections Audio Podcast

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Jennifer over 1 year