Extensive listening challenge, October 2014

Extensive listening is one of the most important activities when learning a foreign language. In this sense, extensive means that you should listen as much as possible, covering as much material as you can, rather than digging deep into each audio clip. Try to listen to Chinese at or below your level and try to listen a lot! Read the article that will be published on Thursday for more information and inspiration.

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17.Thumb avatarRebecca McKay20.1100%
18.Thumb avatarAdam Stout20.0874%
19.Thumb avatarSharon18.21101%
20.Thumb avatarRC_RomiCi17.5870%
21.Thumb avatarAnton Gustafsson 17.4187%
22.Thumb avatarTrevor16.053%
23.Thumb avatarOscar Bror Sjöberg15.4277%
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30.Thumb avatarNancy Wang12.075%
31.Thumb avatarXu Jing11.38126%
32.Thumb avatarElizabeth Braun10.9109%
33.Thumb avatarJay Han10.7563%
34.Thumb avatarMichael Knight10.7571%
35.Thumb avatarJulien10.24102%
36.Thumb avatarNi Ke9.67120%
37.Thumb avatarBraden (Wei Long)9.191%
38.Thumb avatarBrendan7.3814%
39.Thumb avatarMei Chun Hai7.2772%
40.Thumb avatarJeremy7.2660%
41.Thumb avatarikfo7.2236%
42.Thumb avatarconfusedlaowai6.0860%
43.Thumb avatarPer K6.015%
44.Thumb avatarJustin5.4336%
45.Thumb avatarBetty5.1951%
46.Thumb avatarJonny4.6723%
47.Thumb avatarAnnette Jordan24.013%
48.Thumb avatarMel3.8424%
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55.Thumb avatarDavid Walschots2.9241%
56.Thumb avatarTim Cinel2.9129%
57.Thumb avatarpk2.06%
58.Thumb avatarMari1.8518%
59.Thumb avatarSimon Bonnard1.833%
60.Thumb avatarPiotr1.610%
61.Thumb avatarfedericosmanio31.537%
62.Thumb avatarTyree1.04%
63.Thumb avatarjgodfrey0.985%
64.Thumb avatarZoe Xiaolu Du0.676%
65.Thumb avatarCaptain0.562%
66.Thumb avatarGeorges0.53%
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Hours reported924.09
DurationOctober 10, 2014 to
October 31, 2014 (22 days)