Reading challenge, November 2020

Read as much Chinese as you can before the end of the month! More details and suggestions for what (and how) to read can be found in the attached article.

Recent activities

40 minutes

Started reading the 7th chapter, reading about the hat. It's more difficult, because there are some special words for ghosts and so on.

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Anna Grivtseva 安娜
30 minutes

I read yesterday after school about a girl who had to escape a burning building.

Tuesday, Dec 01
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90 minutes

Tuesday, Dec 01
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20 minutes


Tuesday, Dec 01
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12 minutes

Tuesday, Dec 01
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35 minutes


Tuesday, Dec 01
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Ed Kalas
25 minutes


Tuesday, Dec 01
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Ed Kalas
30 minutes


Tuesday, Dec 01
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Ed Kalas
30 minutes


Tuesday, Dec 01
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Ed Kalas
40 minutes

Read a chapter of 深夜食堂 and 两件红衬衫. My reading speed's definitely improved, and the amount I can read in a day without getting drained has definitely gone up too. I just got the next 7 volumes of 深夜食...

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Michael Prokopchuk
45 minutes

I started reading a new Graded Reader: Li Wa the Courtesan, from Pleco Rainbow Bridge.

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Juan Diego (俊伟)
30 minutes

Reading 《望天門山》and the supporting text for the poem from 《這樣學:唐詩宋詞》

Tuesday, Dec 01
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50 minutes

Du Chinese, The Secret Garden

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Kevin Lee
65 minutes

The Rise of the Monkey King

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Kevin Lee
10 minutes

Read a Du Chinese article

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Michael Prokopchuk
16 minutes

Read a chapter of 深夜食堂

Tuesday, Dec 01
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Michael Prokopchuk
41 minutes

More "Family". Still enjoy reading dialogue between characters. This is a longer chapter than some of the others. I guess the remainder is for tomorrow. (189/333)

Tuesday, Dec 01
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5.Thumb avatarRenzo Braga23.78118%
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15.Thumb avatarJorrit van der Heide14.1878%
16.Thumb avatarJuan Diego (俊伟)12.4495%
17.Thumb avatarKim12.37123%
18.Thumb avatarpackupthemoon11.33113%
19.Thumb avatarBianca Licassali Lucindo11.17111%
20.Thumb avatarCheryl Wang11.1555%
21.Thumb avatarPeter W10.92109%
22.Thumb avatarEd Kalas10.83108%
23.Thumb avatarAnna Grivtseva 安娜10.6871%
24.Thumb avatar花谢月令10.5852%
25.Thumb avatarcharacter10.48104%
26.Thumb avatar Cody10.44104%
27.Thumb avatarTessa Hall10.18101%
28.Thumb avatarMichael Prokopchuk10.17101%
29.Thumb avatarEleanor J10.16101%
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32.Thumb avatarSwimmingcat599.25102%
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40.Thumb avatar馬笑天5.6628%
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42.Thumb avatarfay5.050%
43.Thumb avatar杜雁子4.896%
44.Thumb avatarLilian4.47111%
45.Thumb avatarAlexa 4.26142%
46.Thumb avatar乐乐4.13103%
47.Thumb avatarJuJuA88884.1182%
48.Thumb avatarCaitlin 3.85128%
49.Thumb avatarLee3.4234%
50.Thumb avatarJN3.3466%
51.Thumb avatarMac The Womble / 西非同3.0930%
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54.Thumb avatarKristen Harrison2.9674%
55.Thumb avatarThomas V2.9197%
56.Thumb avatarTyler T2.7769%
57.Thumb avatarAmity Claggett2.7290%
58.Thumb avatarMegan/艾珍2.6626%
59.Thumb avatarzack2.65132%
60.Thumb avatarTroy2.62131%
61.Thumb avatardaBABY?2.553%
62.Thumb avatarNewDawnTaiwan2.5250%
63.Thumb avatarAnthony Perna2.58%
64.Thumb avatarAnxi2.4924%
65.Thumb avatarAidan Kerwin g6 p2 Chinese2.44122%
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67.Thumb avatarcindy2.317%
68.Thumb avatarAveryPonyCakes2.2575%
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71.Thumb avatarParker2.13106%
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74.Thumb avatarScott123452.08208%
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90.Thumb avatarYankees4WorldSeries20211.60%
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102.Thumb avatarThe Big Cheese 1.19119%
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105.Thumb avatarWa90193611.0310%
106.Thumb avatarWolfi1.05%
107.Thumb avatarFather, I wish to consume the cheddar.0.990%
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112.Thumb avatarLS0.55%
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DurationNovember 10, 2020 to
November 30, 2020 (21 days)